About Me

Welcome to idealfinancesolutions.co.uk. This is the place where we can come together to discuss all things finance related. For all of you who visit this website, I want to make sure you can access as much vital financial information as you need to help you with your own finances.

Whether it be through quality written articles, interesting content or even recommendations of financial products and services, this is the place for you to get ahead with your current financial knowledge.

Your Personal Guidance Throughout this Website

My name is Steve Falcon and I currently live in the culturally diverse and stimulating city of Leeds in the UK. Leeds has undergone a great transformation in recent years, and it is because of this that I chose to make it my base when I created my new company idealfinancesolutions.co.uk

After successful studying Marketing at Leeds University Business School, I immediately gained a prestigious position as Senior Marketing Specialist in a local marketing company. I worked for this company for several years and, whilst I managed to gain a valuable amount of experience and expertise, I soon became disillusioned with working for someone else, especially when my own creative ideas were not needed or called upon throughout this position.

Most clients who I dealt with seemed to struggle when finding solutions to their financial difficulties, and I soon came to realise how wide spread this problem was. I knew I had a wealth of ideas and encouragement to offer on this subject, but my role was restricting me in that company. It was no surprise to many of my colleagues when I decided to part with the company and go my own way.

I worked on my own business plans for almost a year, looking at exactly how I could create an inspiring company that had a different approach to finances. That was when idealfinancesolutions.co.uk was born.

How I Created This Website

After spending a huge amount of time thoroughly researching the finance industry, I developed an idea of how I could combine my knowledge and background and create a website where everyone interested could access the exact financial subject they were eager to learn more about.

As I took the plunge to build my own company, I came across many challenges and obstacles which I feel that I personally could negotiate better – perhaps because of my marketing and financial background. However, not everyone who begins a new business has this wealth of knowledge to turn to and utilise; therefore, I wondered where could these people go to access such content?

During my research phase, I discovered some interesting statistics suggesting that a huge percentage of people starting a business for the first time will often turn to the internet by way of accessing their financial information. I knew this to be true as I had seen and heard of many clients in my previous job doing the exact same thing. But just because they used the internet for financial research purposes, didn’t necessarily mean they were bound to find what they were looking for.

In fact, the number one problem that high percentage of people found was that they couldn’t always find or access quality information that related to their own financial circumstances. I just knew this was where I could offer my help best, and that is exactly what my company strives to do and what visitors to idealfinancesolutions.co.uk can access when they visit this unique website.

What idealfinancesolutions.co.uk Can Do for You

I know through both personal experience and my years in the business industry, that no two businesses are ever the same. Therefore, the information each business needs to access regarding their finances will not be the same either! This doesn’t mean to say though that these individual businesses can’t use the same website for their financial solutions.

That is exactly my aim for idealfinancesolutions.co.uk; a practical finance website where each business type or individual can access all their required knowledge, data and guidance from just one complete website.

The subject of finance doesn’t need to be complicated, and it can be understood and accessed by anyone willing to find out more. I hope that every visitor to idealfinancesolutions.co.uk will find everything that they need to undertake their own financial journey.

Ultimately, I hope you will bookmark this website and return to it as one of your favourites, time and time again, to continue updating your financial knowledge.

Let the journey begin…