Although was originally created with the intentions of being a small concern, in recent months it has hit the 11,800 unique monthly visitors mark! Whilst I began with the idea of creating simple content that anybody looking for financial information could turn to, I soon realised that with such huge website traffic, there was great potential for all relevant businesses to get their company name on the website. This meant that such businesses could begin promoting their product or service to the 11,800 viewers plus that choose this website as their first point of call for all things financial.

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With huge numbers of us shunning the high streets in favour of shopping from the comfort of our own homes, most potential customers are to be found online. Because of the huge surge in online shopping this has indeed extended to the financial industry, whereby all financial products and services can also be accessed and purchased online. This trend shows no signs of slowing down and, very soon, those businesses who aren’t effectively advertising themselves online will be missing out on the internet’s huge potential customer base.

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