Author: Steve Falcon

Rocky road to a smooth transition at the London Stock Exchange

That’s what you call an “orderly succession” plan — the sort that triggers a shareholder revolt. Not only that: a caper that could result in not the chief executive going, as planned, but the chairman in charge of the process. Lucky it’s all nice and orderly…

Why a Pack ‘n Play Is a Great Investment into Your Family

When talking about investments, most people automatically think about stock markets or real estate. However, you can also invest in yourself or your family. As to the latter, this must be especially relevant to those families that just had or are about to have a baby.

Hounslow traders better watch out

Here’s a top bit of advice: keep your head down if you’re a Hounslow day trader. Always the default suspect with any flash crash caper, especially if the Americans have done their money. Next thing you know, you’re being carted off in your trackie bottoms.

Watchdog sides with insurers on hospitals charging A&E patients

The state’s insurance watchdog has confirmed that the cost of health claims is being driven up by a government policy that allows hospitals to impose private patient charges on everyone with insurance — even when they end up on trollies because of overcrowding.