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If you love to read about the next best thing in the financial world, the companies to watch out for, how other people have achieved success or even how to get better at an area of finance that you’ve always seemed to struggle in – then this is the place that I hope you will be able to find all that and so much more. Ultimately, the way this website can keep on revolving to take account of current trends, is through the contributions of its frequent visitors.

With 11,800 unique visitors to the website of per month, I can only begin to imagine the skills, knowledge and expertise we could all be exposed to if such thousands upon thousands of these people decided to write for my website!

Finance evolves and changes just like the business world, and sometimes it can seem completely overwhelming just trying to keep up-to-date with all its terminology. If you feel that you could write a great piece of content that focuses on anything finance related and offers all visitors to this website an engaging written piece, with the possibilities to expand on the information contained within it, then I thoroughly encourage you to get in touch with me using the form below to discuss further how to write and publish your post here.

How You Can Contribute to My Blog

It is relatively straight forward and simple to write for my blog. If you have a general understanding of the finance world, business industry or anything remotely related to this area, and you would be willing to offer visitors to this website your knowledge, then it is you who I am looking for to write a compelling and informative blog post!

Maybe you know of a new financial trend that is happening locally to you, but my visitors are yet to hear about it, or perhaps you know of a worldwide online service that improves personal finances and you have tired and tested it for yourself. Why not share your thoughts with the websites visitors?

I’m not looking for qualified Writers, Proof-readers or anybody with extensive skills in the English language – I’m after those who have an idea, skill or topic which would be beneficial in some way to other visitors. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling at this point, just get that wonderful idea written down and sent to me so I can work on getting your words onto the website to be immediately read by those hungry to hear what a fellow financial person has got to say for themselves!

Topics I’m Interested in Reading Guest Blog Posts About

I have compiled a list of the most popular categories of topics which an overwhelming majority of the people visiting tend to search for when they access the website:

  • Business Topics
  • Small Business
  • Big Companies
  • Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Financial Topics
  • Personal Finance
  • Credits and Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Investment Ideas
  • Stock Trading
  • Banking System
  • Economy News

Although, as I’ve said before on my Get in Touch page, I am always open to feedback and further suggestions, so if you believe I am missing an obvious topic, or rather you feel the website would benefit further form introducing a couple more sought-after categories, I would appreciate your ideas on the matter. This is not an exhaustive list and can be added to at any time, especially if it would greatly further benefit the websites readers.

A Few Sample Article Titles for Guest Posts to Get You Started

If you like the idea of writing for my blog, but are a little overwhelmed by the process, or maybe you are yet to write for such an extensive platform, this is a very small list of article titles that I have compiled to help you begin your contribution process. These are the kinds of titles that tend to be the more popular amongst the finance community:

  • What Types of Finance Can My Small Business Access?
  • Top 5 Bank Accounts for The Self-Employed
  • Self-Employed or Limited Company – Which One Is for Me?
  • How Do I Register for and Complete My Self-Assessment Forms?

Your Potential Blogging Audience

The audience which you will be writing your guest blog post for may vary greatly in type; from individuals looking for financial advice to business owners, managers or employees searching for a specific relevant topic. However, when it comes to their sole objective for accessing this website they all have one thing in common; the need to access good quality, clear and concise content which stimulates them as they read it. If you know that your blog post would be a perfect match for such visitors, both they and I would love to hear your ideas!

Acknowledging Your Contribution Piece

For every writer who contributes a well written and dedicated blog post to the website of, I promise two things. Firstly, that your blog post will be seen by a staggering 11,800 plus visitors and secondly, every one of these visitors will be able to see your very own name printed next to your blog post!

I would love to write up a small bio about you and your experience, as well as promoting one of your social media accounts, so people reading your blog post can get to know the person behind the words! I believe that it is only fair and good practice that we all encourage each other as individuals, and if you take the time out to write a piece for my blog, I will acknowledge your contribution in the best way I know how to.

How to Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

If you feel energised and inspired at this point, after reading through this contribution page, then all that is left for you to do is to contact me using the form below with your intended blog post idea. As soon as I receive your message, I will endeavour to get back to you as quick as possible to discuss your blogs potential and where the best fit on the website would be. I will guide you through the simple submission process when you are ready to post your article – all I need from you is that brilliantly written piece!

Get involved with the extensive community of and together we can personally be the ones responsible for creating the kind of financial content that people want to read more about.