How to Build Brand Awareness in Tech

The tech industry is booming and there are a lot of companies out there that want to get their name out there. Building awareness of your brand is essential to new customers and repeat business, but how do you do that? Find out here.

Create Hype Around what you Do

Some of the most recognisable companies in tech don’t actually have a unique selling point, but they have created a reputation that makes them different. Looking at the largest tech launches, these companies spend millions in building hype up to a product launch. Even if you don’t have quite as large a budget, you can still bring elements of this into your business.

Think about your ideal customer and what would appeal to them. Don’t be afraid to keep elements of your brand under wraps until you’re ready to release it to the world. This will naturally create enthusiasm around your brand, as users want to learn more about them.

Apple are probably the biggest and most successful examples of this kind of marketing. In essence, they’re not really that different to other manufacturers but their users picture them as being so. They tell their users they’re different and people believe them, it’s as simple as that.

Brand your Products

If you’re sending out products to users, then make sure your name is on there. All of the most successful tech brands have their branding right there on the product itself, so you should too. You could do this with a sticker, laser etching or with high quality nameplates affixed to the product.

That way, your products are out there selling for you, as others can see them in action. When people post their tech on social media and it has your name on it, curious people will search it to find out more. This kind of native advertisement doesn’t require a massive investment and it will work to create trust in your brand.

Send out Freebies

There are plenty of influential tech bloggers and YouTubers that can help you to get your name out there. Sending them a freebie might just mean you get a review on a high traffic site that you would not otherwise have had. Working with the right influencers can get your product in front of the people that will be most likely to buy it.

As your product grows in awareness, more people will want to test it and be likely to review it too. Often, the early stages are the most difficult but when you start to gain interest in the product it really sells itself. You might not be massively familiar with influencer marketing but it’s worth learning a bit more. This is hugely important to people looking to buy new products, so you should be tapping into this market.

Creating a brand that’s recognisable in tech isn’t always easy, but if you do so then you’ll watch your sales grow. Build that awareness and you’ll be on your way to creating a winning strategy.


Image: Pixabay