Why Different Prices Apply to Different Customers

It’s perhaps only justified on the basis that they just don’t know better, that being how people tend to get a bit angry on the realisation that some of the things in this world which are for sale are offered at different prices to different people. It’s just a demonstration of the basic laws of economics and how the financial system works. If you understand it then you work it to your favour in anyway and we’ll explore some practical examples of how you can achieve that in closing.

Digging a little deeper

You probably don’t have to look very hard to see it – it’s everywhere in fact. Try searching for some great discount flight deals on one or more of the most popular discount flights sites several times, first perhaps as a new member or someone who isn’t even registered as s member, and later as a registered member who has perhaps even already booked one or more flights through the platform. They use cookies to determine some information which will be to their benefit, such as the fact that they now know that you’re a paying customer, which means you might be willing to buy again, even at a slightly higher price.

Main reasons for the price differences

There are many specific reasons for the price differences, most of which are centred on economic factors such as cost of production and the likes, but these reasons along with all the others all boil down to one major reason, which is simply tied to affordability. Perceived affordability is perhaps a better phrase to use – service providers and producers of goods charge you according to what they think you can afford to pay, up to a certain point which is ideally defined by reason, of course.

Working it all to your advantage

Firstly, if you don’t want to effectively give yourself some “extra work” to do in always seeking to search for the best price, then you need to seek out specialist service providers who specifically deal with the market you’re looking to buy the product or service in. For example, a small business accountant probably has some explicitly quoted prices which apply to their entire client base, simply because of the fact that they have specifically targeted that client base. So you know exactly what to expect and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s probably the best price you can find as well.

On the other hand if you are indeed up to the challenge of negotiating for the best price and essentially letting the free market forces dictate the best price you can possibly get, your approach would be one which has you trying to walk a mile in the shoes of the service providers. I’ll demonstrate with a little example – let’s say you’re in a foreign land that’s known to be safe and you’re perhaps looking to catch a ride somewhere, if you’re headed in the same direction as a taxi driver who is headed home for the day, you can easily negotiate a much better price for the taxi ride!

It’s all about knowing when to make your “purchase offer.”